2023 Spring Collection
"Unconventional life"

「 Unconventional life(アンコンベンショナルライフ) - 型にはまらない生活のための服 - 」。

CONFECTでは、「ファッション」と「普段着」、 それぞれが持つ”型”を崩し、日常生活に溶け込む装いを追求しました。 トラッドやワーク・ミリタリーというブランドの根幹に、古い服のディテールを継承しつつも、今の生活環境だからこその着方や使い方が生まれる、デザインや素材使いをCONFECTの視点でこのコレクションに落とし込んでいます。


今シーズンのコレクションを通して、型にはまらないスタイリングの楽しさを ブランドが大切にしてきたリネン素材の着心地の良さと共に感じていただければと思います。


"Unconventional life - clothes for unconventional living".

Breaking the mold of common fashion, we pursue outfits that blend into everyday life.

While inheriting the details of old clothes from the brand's roots in traditional workwear and military clothing, the collection incorporates CONFECT's perspective on design and the use of materials to create ways of wearing and using clothes that are unique to today's living environment.

The "pattern" of Western clothing is mixed with embroidery and fabrics from India, indigo dyeing, tie-dye dyeing, and the essence of different cultures such as the use of arabesque lace.

And for the third year, the UpcycleLino series will feature a lineup of simple garments that incorporate the "Ethical Dye" method, a natural dyeing process that uses discarded vegetables for the dye.

Through this season's collection, we hope you will experience the fun of unconventional styling with the comfort of linen, a material that the brand has always valued.